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Book now to ensure peace of mind and a thorough and professional building inspection service.  We are the fastest growing group of building inspectors in Australasia.  Make sure you get the best advice and a time that will be suitable for you.

Our team is qualified, experienced and professional.  We are your eyes and ears - inspecting the roof, ceiling spaces and sub-floor areas - interior and exterior.  Our reports will identify any serious structural defects and deferred maintenance issues that may not be apparent when you initially view a property.  Let us give you peace of mind by booking your property inspection with us today.

Our building inspection reports

Looking for a building report that talks to you in your language?

Building inspection reports and pre purchase inspections

What else can you expect from a HABiT report?

  • Prompt 24-hour turnaround service for standard reports
  • Any area that requires attention will be logged in a different colour, with a brief explanation of where it is, what the problem is, and what is required to bring it up to an acceptable ... See more >>

Buyers report - what you need to know!

building inspection - pre purchase reportImportant information regarding the location of your new home:

  • How to eliminate your risks when buying your first home
  • How to carefully evaluate potential properties so you get the best deal possible
  • Find out how you can use "market trends' to your advantage and save even more money! See more >>


When buying a new home one of the most important decisions you will make is whether to carry out a building inspection. The idea of buying a house is one of the most stressful and yet exciting times in someone's life and it is vital to understand … See more >>